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Advanced Manufacturing

Wayne County is home to some of the region's finest machine shops; operations that have been at the forefront of computer numerically controlled (CNC) technology and prototype fabrication for decades. Wayne County continues to support the advanced manufacturing industry through a variety of initiatives, including the Advanced Manufacturing Center, a center for training in and promotion of the latest advanced manufacturing practices and technologies.

AP Exhaust Technologies

Founded in 1927 at the onset of the automotive industry, AP Exhaust Technologies manufactures high quality mufflers, heavy-duty exhaust pipes and catalytic converters to commercial customers and auto service professionals. AP utilizes state-of-the-art processes in their 450,000 sq. ft manufacturing facility, consistently deploying new technologies to maintain their position as a world class exhaust and emissions company. 

Anchor Coupling, Inc.

Anchor, with a history dating back to 1938, is a key internal supplier to Caterpillar. Anchor specializes in high quality hydraulic hose and couplings for both the OEM and General Market business sectors. Anchor continues to expand its operations throughout the world with the aim of strengthening its position as a leading manufacturer of hydraulic hose, steel couplings, and complete assemblies. The Anchor product line includes many different configurations of hose and couplings from small diameters to large bore hose products. Anchor and CAT designed high pressure hydraulic hose couplings and assemblies are marketed under the CAT and Anchor brands. Anchor branded product is manufactured to industry-standard specifications and is marketed to a worldwide customer base.

Balfour- Beatty Rail, Inc.- Traction Power Group

In August 2010, Balfour Beatty Rail, Inc. acquired Goldsboro-based Reuel Inc.'s Traction Power Division, whom specialized in the development of power systems and components for the mass transit industry. A construction and maintenance provider for private and public railroad markets, Balfour Beatty Rail, Inc. acquired the company in a strategic move to strengthen the company's transit capabilities and meet the growing demands of mass transit construction projects. Balfour Beatty Rail, Inc. is a subsidiary of Balfour Beatty PLC, a global construction, engineering and business investment company.

Georgia Pacific 
Georgia Pacific established a plant in Dudley, NC in 1973 and has remained a large employer in the area.  The Dudley plant is responsible for producing lumber chips, plywood and timber. 


Ryerson's 50,000 sq. ft. Pikeville, NC plant specializes in the production of plate, sheet, rod, bar and tubing in aluminum, stainless, and carbon steel. To meet custom demands, the facility is capable of various cutting and painting procedures as well as forming metal to a specified shape. 

SPX Transformer Solutions, Inc.

SPX Transformer Solutions, Inc. designs, produces and tests a full line of medium to large-sized transformers ranging from 2.5 to 1200 MVA in primary voltages through 345kV.  These transformer types include: substation transformers, generator step-up transformers, unit auxiliary transformers, start-up transformers, special duty transformers and three phase voltage regulating transformers.

Uchiyama Manufacturing America, LLC

Part of a global company and founded in Wayne County in 1996, Uchiyama Manufacturing America manufactures gaskets and seals for the automotive industry.

U. S. Cargo Systems

In 2015 when AAR Cargo Systems completed and achieved Certification of its A400M product, AAR bundled their cargo entities together and sold them to TransDigm Group Inc. TransDigm kept these two as independent companies, but utilized the “Telair” name within the United States division. Thus the emergence of “Telair US LLC” who does business as “Telair US Cargo Systems” or simply “US Cargo Systems”.  Telair US Cargo Systems has provided leading cargo handling and aerial delivery solutions for military fixed wing and helicopter platforms for over 40 years. They have Cargo Handling systems on many military aircraft including the A400M, Japanese C-2, C-27J and C-130. Their helicopter systems are field proven on such platforms as the CH-47, S-92 and AW-101.

Machine Shops

Benton & Sons 

Family owned and operated, Benton & Sons Fabrication specializes in  heavy steel plate fabrication, stainless steel sheet metal fabrication and customized assembly of machinery and equipment. The company's CNC, plate rolling, brake press forming and machinery assembly capabilities make it one of the most well-equipped machine shops in the southeastern US.

NC Manufacturing

North Carolina Manufacturing Inc. is a contract machine shop providing precision parts used in aerospace, nuclear valves, bakery equipment, automotive tools, key machines, and heat exchangers. North Carolina manufacturing specializes in CNC turning, 3-D milling and 4 & 5 axis milling.

Roebuck Precision Machine

A Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, Roebuck Precision Machine utilizes a combination of learned skill, top-of-the-line software and equipment and tight quality control to provide machining services including CNC routing, production of molds, jigs and fixtures; tool design and machine fabrication. 

Southern Machine Services

Founded in Wayne County in 1996, Southern Machine Services offers robotic welding, tooling, machine repairs, cable assembly, die production and prototype development.