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Wayne County WORKS Program

The mission of the WORKS (Wayne Occupational Readiness Keys for Success) program is to develop and market a skilled workforce. The program facilitates communications and collaboration between stakeholders, assesses workforce needs/gaps, supporting local, regional and state initiatives, and secures adequate workforce development funding.

Key Objectives

  • Working through the nationally recognized WorkKeys program, encourage key local industries to set skill-level standards and requirements for positions within their company
  • Mobilize the local workforce to ready themselves for higher-level occupations by completing assessments that provide verification of skills
  • Expand the initiative impacts by garnering ongoing support from local government, business and industry leaders, education leaders and economic development players

Programs for Employers

CRC Qualified Talent

The Career Readiness Certificate ensures that an employee has the foundational skills in applied mathematics, reading and locating information that are needed in the vast majority of positions offered today. Unlike other standardized tests, the CRC assessments test real-world application of basic skills. This credential, which is portable across industries, provides an additional level of information about a potential candidate to help employers make an informed decision about who will be most qualified for the job. It can also be beneficial when promoting internally and deciding whether or not an individual has the skills needed to advance to another position. By requiring a CRC, employers can feel confident about hiring employees that at minimum have the fundamental skills to fulfill the job requirements. Wayne County’s workforce is currently 18% career readiness certified.

Job Profiling Options 

Through the WorkKeys program, employers can identify necessary characteristics and skills for specific positions within their companies.  Job profiling extends beyond the three foundational skills tested for the CRC and includes five additional skills (Applied Technology, Business Writing, Listening for Understanding, Teamwork and Workplace Observation), for which you can determine the minimum score required to do the job in question. Companies can then require that candidates applying for a job to take assessments that they have helped customize for their unique positions. The scores help employers gauge whether or not a particular candidate is qualified for the job.

Customized Training 

Sometimes the best training for a job is done on-the-job, or, through hands-on experience.  Many employers have occupations that require a heavily specialized skillset and express concern about finding the talent to fill the positions. The WORKS initiative, in partnership with the Business and Industry Center at Wayne Community College, can help you determine the scope of skills that need to be learned and develop training classes and/or environments tailored specifically to the needs of your company and its needed positions.

Programs for Employees 

Employability Credentials  

CRC and WorkKeys assessments provide local workforce with the opportunity to earn credentials that area employers are seeking.  Free training and remediation classes are offered through Wayne Community College to assist these employees in earning the best scores they can.  Their scores can then be used as a portable credential to demonstrate the fundamental skills needed for some of Wayne County’s desirable, yet demanding jobs.
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