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Aerospace & Defense

Home to one of the nation’s leading Air Combat Command Bases,  Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, and employing a military force of nearly 7,000 strong, Wayne County is a prime location for businesses wishing to do business in the aerospace industry or with the government and military.  


AAR Corp. is a leading global supplier to commercial aviation as well as the government and defense industries. The company’s plant in Goldsboro houses both mobility and cargo divisions. The mobility division is responsible for developing tactical equipment and shelters for deployment operations by the U.S. military and is responsible for the production of four key product lines: Internal Airlift/Helicopter Slingable Container Unit (ISU® Containers), Rapidly Deployable Mobile Tactical Shelter Systems, Air Cargo Pallets and Palletized Systems. The cargo division produces cargo-loading systems for fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft.

U. S. Cargo Systems

In 2015, when AAR Cargo Systems completed and achieved Certification of its A400M product, AAR bundled their cargo entities together and sold them to TransDigm Group Inc. TransDigm kept these two as independent companies, but utilized the “Telair” name within the United States division. Thus the emergence of “Telair US LLC” who does business as “Telair US Cargo Systems” or simply “US Cargo Systems”.  Telair US Cargo Systems has provided leading cargo handling and aerial delivery solutions for military fixed wing and helicopter platforms for over 40 years. They have Cargo Handling systems on many military aircraft including the A400M, Japanese C-2, C-27J and C-130. Their helicopter systems are field proven on such platforms as the CH-47, S-92 and AW-101.