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Wayne County Education 

Quality education at all levels is a top priority in Wayne County.  Our local and regional institutions pride themselves in preparing students who are job-ready.  From a comprehensive public school system through higher education and ongoing professional training, Wayne County is committed to providing rich education for our residents and businesses.

Primary Education Options

With a variety of public and private school options, there is something to ensure success for every type of student in Wayne County.  For a detailed listing of primary school options please click here.

STEM Education

STEM education is a modern approach to middle and prep school curriculum that concusses on the real world application of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math disciplines.  The program, which is underway in all of the Wayne County's Public Middle Schools, seeks to bridge the gap between the skills many prep students have when they complete high school and the skills needed to evoke innovation in our workforce and higher education systems.  This is accomplished through direct communication, collaboration and partnerships among STEM educators in the classroom, local businesses, existing industry and secondary education institutions.

Education Innovations

In order to provide top notch workforce, Wayne County Development Alliance strives to coordinate the efforts of the public and private sectors with quality program development at the high school and community college levels.  We encourage innovations like the Teachers at Work program, which pairs high school teachers with local industries in order to gain experience that transforms classroom learning to real-world workforce solutions.

Secondary Education Options

With a high concentration of secondary education options, our area boasts higher learning experiences for a huge variety of student interests.  Wayne County area offers the education smorgasbord, from a Top 30 university to 9 community colleges in a 40 mile radius.  For a detailed list of options, click here.

Local and Regional Universities

With many tier one universities in reach, both under-grad and graduate level courses are easy to find. Majors such as engineering specialties, agribusiness, food technology, management and more contribute each year to our workforce.  For a detailed list of university options, click here.

Community Colleges

Whether you want to take a course to further your career or to attain an Associate Degree, Wayne Community College leads the way in local options.  Their 70 degree, certificate, continuing ed courses, and customized training programs give our workforce many avenues to pursue.  Click here to learn more.