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Wayne County Strategic Advantages

Our strategic business location, skilled workforce, and excellent transportation system all come together to give you access to national markets. Plus, this is all supplemented by abundant training opportunities and a low cost of doing business. 

Transportation & Infrastructure

Wayne County is strategically located and seamlessly connected to the nation’s largest markets. LEARN MORE

Workforce & Training

Wayne County is home to an abundant and skilled workforce supported by high level training programs. LEARN MORE


Wayne County’s businesses and residents enjoy reliable utility service. LEARN MORE


From North Carolina’s renowned state universities to local education and training programs, Wayne County offers opportunities for its community members to better their careers. LEARN MORE

Doing Business with the Military

Wayne County is the proud home of Seymour Johnson AFB and attracts companies eager to do business with the military. LEARN MORE

Incentives & Taxes

Lower than average tax rates and generous incentives create a business friendly environment in Wayne County. LEARN MORE

Local Airports

Two private, in-county airports and additional public regional airports offer access to all major markets, as well as development opportunities. LEARN MORE

Area Maps

View our area maps to learn more about Wayne County’s locational advantages. LEARN MORE

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