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Wayne County Transportation & Infrastructure

From the famous Mount Olive Pickles to the tactical aviation equipment of AAR Corporation, the industries of Wayne County depend on the timely and efficient transportation of materials and goods. One of the reasons these industries choose to call Wayne County home is our region’s extensive transportation network. Roads, highways, airports, sea ports, and rail systems all connect our businesses with the country’s most significant markets, which add up as cost savings and increased productivity. 

Road Transportation

Wayne County is well connected by an extensive network of highways and interstates which makes local and country wide logistics easy.


Nearby access to Interstate 40, which stretches 2,500 miles coast to coast, simplifies logistics from North Carolina to California.

US 70 provides the county’s major east-west route and connects the Wayne County to the major deep-water ports on North Carolina’s Crystal Coast, as well as the City of Raleigh with its Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

US Hwy 264 provides direct access to Greenville to the east.


Interstate 795 connects Goldsboro to Wilson, and reaches Interstate 95's extensive north-south reach.  US 70 also connects to I-95, which gives complete 1,900 miles of east coast access from the Canadian border to the tip of Florida.

US 117 connects Wayne County’s largest industrial facilities and provides access for the transport of goods and materials to I-40 and I-95. 
Additional state highways provide extensive reach to all areas of the state and beyond.

Rail Transportation

Wayne County is served by two rail companies which provide businesses with reliable rail service for the efficient transport of goods and materials.

CSX service runs north-south, parallel with the I-795/US 117 corridor, and along I-95,  and east/west along I-40.

Norfolk Southern service runs east-west parallel to US 70 and provides access to I-40, US 117 and the deep-water port located at Morehead City. 


Private, in-county air transportation service is available at both the Wayne County Executive Jetport (5,500 feet of runway) and the Mount Olive Municipal Airport (5,255 feet of runway).

National, international and cargo air service is available at Raleigh Durham International Airport (RDU), located approximately one-and-a-half hours from Wayne County. RDU is serviced by all major airlines and offers passenger service to major cities and transportation hubs, including London, Toronto, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Seattle, Washington D.C., and more. UPS and FedEx provide cargo service to major shipping hubs in Indianapolis, Memphis and Louisville. 

The North Carolina Global TransPark (GTP) is a 2,500- acre industrial/airport site located in neighboring Lenoir County.  The park offers access to multi-modal transportation on options:  air, rail, highways, and North Carolina’s two international ports.  The airport runway has been extended to 11,500 feet, making it one of the longest commercial runways in the state.


Located approximately two hours east of Wayne County, the Port of Morehead City is one of the deepest ports on the East Coast, offering break bulk and bulk cargo service just four miles from the Atlantic Ocean. The Port of Morehead City is the country’s second largest importer of natural rubber and a leading exporter of phosphate.  It offers a 177,000-square-foot warehouse for the storage of high value commodities.

Less than two hours from Wayne County, the Port of Wilmington, NC, offers terminal facilities for container, bulk and break bulk operations. Served by a 42 foot navigational channel, the port offers modern transit and warehouse facilities, post-Panamax container cranes and support equipment, and the latest in cargo management technology.

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